The Best Peanut Brittle Ever.

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From Shaker Hill Kitchens in Saco, Maine comes The Perfect Peanut Brittle Company – the best peanut brittle ever. More than just gourmet candy, The Perfect Peanut Brittle Company is based upon the ideals of social responsibility, environmental stewardship and strong local economies. As a small business, this presents a constant challenge. It is our goal that every business decision should be based upon at least one of these ideals. Click on “Mission” to learn more about what we are doing to meet these goals.

What about the brittle? The ingredients are simple enough: Peanuts (organic), butter (local), sugar, corn syrup, but the Perfect Peanut Brittle is much more than the sum of its parts. It is no harder than a peanut, easy to chew, smooth, satisfying, simply delicious! It makes an great gift, but you will want some for yourself as well!

“Growing environmental and social responsibility in our local community while producing superior confections that our customers absolutely love.”

The best peanut brittle ever cooling on a sheet pan... Gorham Founder's Fest 2012 Bryan making a batch of our perfect peanut brittle

The Perfect Peanut Brittle - Best Peanut Brittle Ever

125 bags of brittle It's like pecan pie, but better.
Delicious chocolate peanut britle piled high.  Yum... Maine Mall Kiosk Almond Apricot Brittle S'Mores Brittle Brittle Bits Ice Cream Topping makes for the best ice cream ever! 1st try 10lb batch 1